SAARC-UNICEF Regional Policy Dialogue on Enhancing the Financial Sustainability and Effectiveness of Social Protection Systems in South Asia

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7. Methodology: A Peer-Review Policy Dialogue


A)    Peer-Review Exercise

Each delegation will deliver a presentation on the financial sustainability and effectiveness of social protection in their country. After that presentation, delegates from two other countries will serve as peer reviewers and will ask questions and provide comments on issues identified in the presentation. UNICEF will provide a template and background material to help delegations prepare for their presentations.

B)    Policy Exercise 1: Stakeholders’ Policy Recommendations

The first part of the policy exercise will group stakeholders from different countries and discuss common themes identified during the Peer Review. This will provide an opportunity to exchange and learn from peers from other countries. The groups will be asked to reflect on their specific role in working towards better, more systems-based social protection and come up with policy recommendations to enhance social protection policy.

C)    Policy Exercise 2: Country Action Points

The second part of the policy exercise will group the delegates according to the eight SAARC countries, and provide a space for participants to discuss and identify concrete country-specific measures towards developing or refining social protection policies and strategies based on the first policy exercise. Each country will select some of the policy recommendations developed in the first exercise and develop a set of country-specific actions to strengthen national social protection systems.


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